Best Phone Under 15000

Best smartphones under 15,000 Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) in Bangladesh, considering factors like performance, camera quality, battery life, and overall value for money

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Here are some budget mobile phones under 15,000:

  • Tecno Spark 20C: A 2024 budget-friendly smartphone from Tecno
  • Xiaomi 13C: A budget smartphone with gaming chipset and sidemounted fingerprint
  • Realme C51: A phone with a strong Battery, that can Provids full day long lasting
  • Benco S1 Pro: A phone with a fast charger and stereo speakers
  • Oppo A18: A good value for money and a decent upgrade from its predecessor
  • Vivo Y17S: An affordable option with a sleek design and powerful features

Then which smartphone do you want to buy the most in this budget? For this article and for you, we are going to show you three smartphones. The three smartphones that are offering the best right now. The price of these three smartphones was a little higher before. But in this case, many of them are available at a lower price. And you can say that these devices are offering the best for those who have a budget of 15,000. The first thing we will do is a little low price. If your budget comes to 12,000, we will go step by step from here and go to a total of 15,000. And in today’s article, I am going to talk about the smartphones that you can get at this price in every smartphone, which can be called the best price in the market.

I have mentioned all the information in the article of the ARAFA TELECOM. Alright, then I am starting a total budget of 12,000-12,500 for them. The other day, our website gave a details, MOTO G24. You can make an unofficial choice for this device. Because this device has a good processor and has a large battery. Like this processor is called Helio G85. Helio G85, we recently launched a device, you may have seen it, which can be found anywhere in the world. So, in that sense, this device gives you a decent performance from its price point. And on top of that, We can see 8GB RAM, 128GB storage. This place is also very big. Especially those who work in multi-tasking, they will definitely need a little more RAM.

In the camera setup of this phone, we can see that there are two shooters in the rear. The main shooter is 50MP, then the 2MP ultra-wide sensor will sense the depth. Another one is the front-facing camera, which is 16MP. If you compare this with a 12,000 or 12,500 BDT phone, then the camera is also one of the best phones at this price point. Most of the images are in front of the phone. We are going to talk about each smartphone, each of them has a full article on our channel, so I will tell you if you like any of them, you will definitely read the full article. In that case, it will be a little easier for you to understand because I am not looking for you in depth right now.

So yeah, this camera is also good. Then if we want to see the battery, we can see that it has a 6000 mAh battery. Those who do media consumption will like this device because here we are seeing a 33W charging system next to a 6000 mAh battery. So, the battery backup is very good, but at the same time, the device can be charged in two ways. There are also stereo speakers, which can’t be seen at this price point at once. But yes, there is one thing that is definitely missing. That is this display, where we see an IPS LCD panel with HD plus resolution. Even if we see a pencil cutout here, 90Hz high refresh rate, we are still missing high resolution. So, if you can consider this place, that is, the high resolution aspect, then the rest of the things together make this device the best at this price point at once.

And the price of this device was 13,000, but I requested our sponsor that they can give it for 12,500. So this price point is a good deal. Then if we can increase the budget a little more, then we can choose one of the most popular smartphones, Redmi 11 prime. This device is also very popular. The market price of this device is around 15,000-15,500. You will definitely get 15,000 in ARAFA TELECOM. In this device, we can see that it has an IPS LCD panel, but now it is full HD. Plus resolution. Where we have a 90Hz high refresh rate page. Even this display is produced by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Good, but there is one thing missing. Without a pencil cutout, there is a water drop or U-shaped notch here.

Which may not seem good to many people. The display is also good. Then, the processor of this smartphone is Mediatek G99. This is the most popular and most popular processor. This is the best processor at this price point. You can call it 100%. You will not see a better processor than this in any other device. It is sure. So, if you want this, you can do a little bit of gaming, you can do a little bit of good gaming. You can do regular work, multitasking, everything very well. You will definitely get satisfaction from this device in the performance section. Then, if we go to the camera, 50MP main, 2MP Depth.

The battery is 5000 mAh, but the charger is small, 18W. The battery backup is good, but the charger needs to be a little bigger. If you compare it with others in our list, the charger will be a little smaller. So if you think that I like MIUI, then you can see this device. The performance is good. Full HD plus resolution is there. Water drop notch is to be considered. If you can consider this, I hope you will not get hurt even if you take this. I have not received any report on the use of this phone so far. Then you will tell me in the review option if you have faced any issues while using this device. There is a reason to say this.

Because Xiaomi shows one form today and another form tomorrow. I mean, in the case of MIUI, you know very well, there is nothing new to say. Alright, you can choose this. After that, if your budget is like this, like BDT 15,000, but you can invest on Realme devices, then you can see this Realme device, Realme 10. This device offers something great from all sides. Like the Super AMOLED panel of the device, 90Hz high refresh rate, Full HD plus resolution. So far, this is the best display of the subject at this price point. Again, the display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Even in this place, it is much ahead of the previous two devices in the race. Plus, if you get the brightness, color, and everything, this display will be great.

Then, we can see that this device also has a G99 processor in the market. Which we saw a little while ago in the Redmi 11 Prime. The performance is the same here, and as far as the processor is good, I said that it is the best processor at this price point. But there is a place for this device to be less. You will get this for 15,000 BDT, 4GB RAM variant, 64GB. But there is a dedicated SIM card slot where you can use a memory card, you can store the memory, you can store the storage, but the RAM is a bit less. Multitasking will be behind the previous two devices. But in this way, day-to-day task or gaming will not be a big problem for you if you compare it with two devices.

I will definitely go to the next article. if you like the article, you can review it. If you don’t like it, you can review it. And let me know in the comments why the article is bad. The new is a storage type and its camera section is 50 megapixels, 2 megapixels, Front facing camera is 16MP This camera’s quality is a bit better than the previous two devices. I think it’s a bit better. And in all aspects, if the real mirror has a little bit of color tone, a little bit of color boosted, a little bit of punchy presentation, that is also present here.

But overall, the camera section is a bit better than the previous two devices. Then we can see the 5000 mAh battery and 33W charging system. You can’t say anything wrong about this place either. This place is also standard. And in each device, we got a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. These were our three devices. Now look, choose the realme device for those who want a good display. The camera has to be good and of course you have to have the Mate Helio G99 and other powerful processors. you can choose them but don’t think too much about multi-discing you don’t need too much multi-discing you can choose them. If multi-discing is too much, and the bass is a bit low, then you will see this motorola phone.

And if you don’t think too much about it and if there is a decent performance from all sides, no problem with display and IPS, no problem with not cutting the pencil, then you can choose this redmi phone. This was the topic if you like which device you liked the most.