Best Phone Under 20000

Best smartphones under 20,000 Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) in Bangladesh, considering factors like performance, camera quality, battery life, and overall value for money

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Here are some budget mobile phones under 20,000:

  • Vivo Y17S: A 2024 budget-friendly smartphone from Vivo
  • Xiaomi Readmi 12: A budget smartphone with gaming chipset and sidemounted fingerprint
  • Realme 10: A phone with a strong Battery, that can Provids full day long lasting
  • Oppo A38: A phone with a fast charger and stereo speakers
  • Realme C55: A good value for money and a decent upgrade from its predecessor
  • Xiaomi Readmi Note 12: An affordable option with a sleek design and powerful features

This price point or this budget is very suitable for Bangladeshi people and maximum people buy this smartphone at this price point. But brother, are you confused? Because you can’t understand. what is being shared for you in so many phones. Because here we get many smartphones officially and unofficially. Every year a new phone is launched, a new phone is coming. So today we are going to find a new one. They are talking about a smartphone next to it. I think they are offering it to you at this time of the month. And every smartphone has a full article on our website. In the previous Article, we talked about giving a result, but the result was not given in the previous Article.

But in today’s Article, you are getting a giveaway result. You will definitely be able to see who is the lucky winner. So stay tuned. And yes, these devices are also available in the Arafa telecom, where all the beautiful cities of the future are parked. But if you want, you can purchase from online. I have mentioned their information in the description. And in case of unofficial products, the price will be slightly up or down. So, you can keep in touch with them. You will know when the price will be a little higher. Alright, let’s start. Those who will say in the beginning that this is the best or this is the worst, I don’t think so. Each one is fine in their own position.

Just find out which one is perfect for you. If your budget is around 17,000, then you can choose Moto G34. Moto G34 runs on Android 14 and Motorola’s UI is still one of the best duals. It’s a very clean type of UI. I hope maximum people will like it. Another attraction is the performance section. Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G processor is here. The processor we know is a very balanced processor, not very hot, but it can deliver good performance and also gives good gaming. If you compare the MIRA with the G99, then this processor is somewhere in the A-gear. And at this price point, I mean at a price point of BDT. 17,000, it is a better processor for you. And you will get a 128GB variant at this price point.

There is a 50MP camera, but the phone of this price point will give you a standard result. You will not be disappointed. You will get other devices. If you compare it with them, the quality of this picture is good. There are some samples that you can see. And the front-facing camera is 16MP. In another place, there will be a stereo speaker. We saw that the price point is a little less than 17,000 or 15,000 rupees. Then 5000 mAh battery, 18mAh charger. Okay, we are taking this place. But yes, You have to consider one thing. Now, you will decide whether you will consider that place or not. Display. HD Plus resolution display. Which we actually expect a lot, 17,000 or 16,000. If it was full HD here, there would be no complaint.

I would just say, brother, if you have 17,000, close your eyes and buy it. Now, if there is no problem with HD Plus, then you can choose it. But next to HD Plus, there is also a 120Hz high refresh rate. Now, you decide for yourself whether you want to choose this or not. It’s a good thing from the perspective of performance. Alright. Next smartphone. Official device. OnePlus Nord. N30SE 5G. If you need 5G or an official phone, then you can’t get it without it. It’s officially shared. It has an IPS LCD panel, 120Hz high refresh rate, and of course, Full HD+. So, you can push everything here. You can get your device for just 16,000 rupees at the price point. You can keep it anywhere.

Then, the smartphone runs on Android 14. Many people know that this is the RAM of Android 13, but Android 14 is already running on these devices. But the downside is its RAM. 4GB RAM. The only problem with this price point is that it is a little less in some places. If this smartphone came with 6GB RAM, it would have been a killer. It would have been an official, unofficial, both. No one would have paid for it. Anyway, 4GB RAM, you will definitely feel a little less when you buy a multitasking. Even in the case of gaming, 6GB RAM is not a problem. However, the processor is good. It has a 5G chip and this smartphone has a 50MP camera and an 8MP front-facing camera.

The quality of this smartphone will be good when you buy it for 16,000 rupees. Compare the price point with the device, you will see that the camera of this smartphone is not bigger than them. It has a 560 mAh battery and a 33W charging system. This is exactly the place. There is no possibility of getting an official device and a green line because it has an IPS LCD panel. All in all, it is a very good package and a very recommended package. But if you need more RAM, then you have to pay attention to this device. The next device is also from Motorola. Motorola has recently brought a very good device. This device is the Moto Z54. Moto Z54 has IPS LCD panel but now we are looking at Full HD Plus resolution panel and 120Hz high refresh rate.

At around 20K price point, this device is available. It runs Android 14 and MediaTek Dimensity 7020 in performance section. 8GB RAM, 128GB storage. So as you can see, this display was good. This is the latest Android version. Again, here we are looking at a good processor. Dimensity 7020 processor with 8GB RAM. So everything is perfect in this place. for gaming, for regular tasking, and of course, full HD plus resolution. On the other hand, the camera is 50 MP, 16 MP main shooter, and the quality of the image, if you compare it with the previous phone, these two sensors give almost similar type of results, but in terms of processing, it is a little different. You will notice a little difference. Color tone plus sharpness detail, I noticed something better in this device.

The battery is 5000 mAh, but the charger is small, 15W, the device is located at the back. The battery is fine, but the charger pack is a little small, which was needed a little bigger, of course. Motorola’s overall experience is very good and those who have used it a lot have not received any complaints from them. So from that point of view, I think you can also choose the Motorola device if you have a special device. After that, if your budget is a little more expensive, that is, if you get a little more money, then you can also choose Poco’s smartphone Poco X5. Yes, the device is a little old, it was released almost a year ago. You can also choose this device.

Those who need a Super AMOLED panel with 120Hz refresh rate can watch this video. And of course, you need MIUI. The smartphone is currently running on Android 13. It was given to Android 12, but now it should come to Android 13. And the processor is Snapdragon 695. Already, we got this processor in another device a little while ago. In Moto device, which was available at a lower price. But the performance of this device is not bad at all. It has a 48MP camera, 8MP ultrawide shooter, and a 13MP pixel shooter. So far, I have found a device from which we have got an ultrawide shooter. So, this can also be a choice for you when you need ultrawide near your main camera. You can keep that in mind.

5000 mAh battery, 33W charging system. Poco’s device is one of the best in the market. If you want, you can also choose it. Just a MIUI will tell you what it is now. Finally, in the first number, we have found a device to use with Samsung. Galaxy A25. When Galaxy A25 first came to the market, I gave a review a few days ago. At that time, its price was around BDT. 6-7. But right now, it is being sold at a price of BDT. 29.99-23. So, this price point is a good deal, especially for Samsung lovers. Like here, we see the Super AMOLED panel, 120Hz high refresh rate, which is of Full HD Plus resolution. Again, the camera in this smartphone is the main 5MP, 8MP ultra-wide shooter, 2MP R1.2 sensor, and 13MP front-facing camera.

To be honest, all the smartphones that I have talked about so far, The quality of this camera is good and it will stay here. And the processor is Exynos 1280. If you compare it with Snapdragon 695, it will definitely be behind. But let’s get to the point. The smartphone runs Android 14 and as far as I heard, it will give 3 major updates every 3 years. This place is also very good. But yes, you don’t get a 25W charger in this box. 25W charging system is not supported and there is a 5,000 mAh battery. The package is not bad, it is a good and good package according to Samsung’s package, but it is convenient to have a charger. Now this device can also be chosen by those who are in the Samsung laboratory or want to buy a device from Samsung, so it has been recommended for them.

There are also many devices outside this, I know. Like you will get Realme 10 series devices at a price of 20k, which can get the RGB variant. If you want, you can choose it. Its display is also Super AMOLED. Then there are a lot of standard processors. If you want to buy it officially, then you can choose the device from ZTE’s Nubia Neo. The design is very beautiful, but you have to consider the U-shape or water drop notch that is present in this device. After that, that device is also good. Even if there is a professor from the university, that professor was a good professor. He is also a good device for gaming. You can choose it officially. You can also get Redmi Note 13 5G devices at this price point.

If you want to see this too. But the devices I talked about earlier, I think those devices are a little ahead of them. If you want, you can see them too. Like Redmi Note 13, this is mostly available in the price segment of Samsung A25. But I think Samsung is here. That’s why I’m making a mistake by taking it. So yeah, you can see from these devices. After that, we will see how much price point is in the top 5.