Xiaomi 6L Air Fryer

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Key Features

  • 40–200°C Wide Temperature Range
  • 6L/3L Adjustable Capacity
  • NTC Smart Temperature Control
  • Double-Layer Non-Stick Coating


Xiaomi 6L Air Fryer Full Specification And Price In Bangladesh

The Xiaomi 6L Air Fryer offers healthier and faster cooking with hot air circulation. The air fryer uses less oil than deep-frying to reduce the fat and calories in the food. Their adjustable 6L/3L capacity is a suitable size for your needs. You can cook for up to six people with the 6L capacity or for up to three people with the 3L capacity. The Xiaomi 6L Air Fryer is equipped with NTC smart temperature control to ensure accurate and consistent heating. Their 40–200°C low-temperature range allows you to cook various dishes, from crispy snacks and fries to tender meats and cakes. It also preserves the nutrients and flavor of the food. The Xiaomi 6L Air Fryer has a smart control panel, which displays the cooking time and temperature. You can also adjust the settings with a simple touch. The Xiaomi 6L Air Fryer has a removable drip tray, which collects the excess oil and grease from the food. This makes cleaning easier and more hygienic. It also has a heat-resistant handle, which prevents burns and scalds. The device has rear cooling vents, which prevent overheating and prolong the lifespan of the device. It also has non-slip rubber feet, which keep the device stable and secure on the countertop.

Large 6L Capacity

The Xiaomi 6L air fryer’s huge capacity makes it easy to hold and cook a significant amount of food in one batch for everyone. Easy 6L to 3L converter with trays that can be raised or lowered. To fully utilize the capacity and enjoy 6L of cooking, place the frying tray on the bottom level. The frying tray will taste crispier, retain moisture, and provide 3L if it is placed on the upper level.

NTC Smart Temperature Control

With a built-in NTC temperature sensor, cooking can be done more effectively and with precisely adjusted heat control. The Xiaomi Air Fryer is perfect for baking and tenderizing at mid-to-high temperatures, as well as low-temperature defrosting and fermentation. With six pre-set settings to choose from, you can quickly create your favorite foods by manually adjusting the temperature and time. You can be automatically reminded to shake the food to make sure it cooks evenly via the shake reminder function.

Effortless Cleaning with Non-Stick Coating

Rinse and wipe; no grasping or burning; frying tray with multiple uses for draining oil and modifying capacity For nutritious, low-fat, and delicious meals, the stainless steel heating element swiftly reaches the desired temperature and works in tandem with the hot air circulation system to filter out fat while efficiently sealing in moisture. The Xiaomi Air Fryer is simpler and safer to add or check on food thanks to a built-in microswitch that pauses cooking when the basket is pulled out and resumes the program when it is closed.

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