Zhiyun Smooth 5S Gimbal Combo

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Key Features

  • Model: Smooth 5S
  • Pro 3-Axis Structure & Free Angle Movement
  • Magnetic + Built-In Fill Lights
  • Free Angle Movement, Unbreakable Stabilization
  • 2-Hour PD Charging/Up to 24-Hour Runtime


Zhiyun Smooth 5S Gimbal Combo Full Specification And Price In Bangladesh



311*168*52mm (W*D*H)


625g (with battery)



Operation Voltage
Max: 8.4V
Standard: 7.4V
Min: 6.5V

Output Voltage
Standard: 5V

Operating Temperature

Operation Temperature
Max: 45
Standard: 25
Min: -10

Charging Time

Max: 3h40min
Min: 2h


Mechanical Range

Tilt Mechanical Range
Max: 209°
Standard: 349°
Min: -140°
(including the folded state)

Roll Mechanical Range
Max: 259°
Standard: 349°
Min: -90°
(including the folded state)

Pan Mechanical Range
Max: 180°
Standard: 360°
Min: -180°



1 year service warranty (Motor broken will be considered as physical damage, customer will not get any service warranty)

Zhiyun Smooth 5S 3-Axis Smartphone Handheld Gimbal Combo

The Zhiyun Smooth 5S Smartphone Gimbal Combo offers an integrated yet straightforward method of filmmaking for everyone. It has been upgraded with a potent built-in fill light and embodies the concept of Make-It-Real. You have no angle restrictions when using the traditional 3-axis architecture to produce inspiring material. Your one-man team is created by Smooth 5S.

Pro 3-Axis Design

The Zhiyun Smooth 5S Smartphone Gimbal Combo stands out with its professional structure of 3 orthogonal pivot axes that bring you more possibilities with greater vision. The wider space between each axis facilitates extreme-angel shootings, allowing you to make cinematic shots without limits.

Sturdy Motor Performance

The magnetic steel motors with upgraded algorithms firmly power up phones of large sizes. The wider phone clamp supports external lens options for your next-level creation.

Unbreakable Stabilization for Cinematic Footage

The Zhiyun Smooth 5S Smartphone Gimbal Combo ensures you fully utilize motions to present the best cinematic appeal while providing excellent anti-shake footage in the original definition quality.

Dual-Side Magnetic Lights + Built-In Fill Light

To make SMOOTH 5S an all-arounder for greater storytelling, a new fill light with 650 lux peak illuminance is added to the tilt axis. A peak illuminance of 2040 lux is possible thanks to the combination of two magnetic fill lights and the built-in light.

Portrait Mode Switch

The wider axes are dedicated to a super-fast switch between the horizontal and vertical modes, providing solid support for most large smartphones.

Intuitive Panel Control

A versatile panel is designed for overall control, allowing you to adjust parameters smoothly at your fingertip. Get you ready in an instant for an effortless single-hand shoot.

Dolly Zoom Effect

The Zhiyun Smooth 5S Smartphone Gimbal Combo supports a zoom-and-focus switch via the control wheel, allowing the entry-level to easily film a professional dolly zoom effect.

Versatile Movement Collection

Multiple classic shooting modes including PF, L, F, POV, and V are packed up for you to step up your filming capabilities and experience.

Smart Follow to Catch Spotlight

Let SmartFollow works its talent for securing the spotlight for your object. You can remotely control the camera simply via hand gestures.

Robust Runtime

The Smooth 5S Smartphone Gimbal Combo from Zhiyun features In about two hours, a gimbal may be fully charged. You are guaranteed a continuous stream of fluent creation for up to 24 hours.

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