Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer Pro

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Key Features

  • Transparent Window Design
  • 40–80°C Low-Temperature Cooking
  • 4L Optimal Volume, Dual-Layer Basket Coating
  • OLED Display, Voice Control, Wi-Fi Connection


Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer Pro Full Specification And Price In Bangladesh

The Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer Pro is a smart kitchen appliance that provides healthier cooking with less oil frying. This Xiaomi Air Fryer has a transparent window design that allows you to see the cooking process without opening the lid. The Air Fryer has a 4L optimal volume, suitable for cooking for up to six people. The Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer Pro also comes with a dual-layer basket coating that prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning easy. The Smart Air Fryer has a 40–80°C low-temperature cooking mode that preserves the nutrients and flavor of the food. You can also choose from high-temperature cooking modes that can crisp up your food in minutes. The device has a smart cloud recipes feature that gives you access to hundreds of recipes that are tailored to the device. You can also schedule the cooking time and temperature up to 24 hours in advance, and the device will automatically start cooking at the set time. The Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer Pro is equipped with an OLED display that shows the cooking status and settings. You can also control the device with your smartphone, thanks to the Mi Home app that connects the device to the internet. You can also monitor the cooking progress, adjust the settings, and access the recipes from your phone.

Transparent Window Design

The Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer Pro features a transparent window with three layers that block heat and allow for real-time visual monitoring of the cooking process. There is no need to remove the air fryer basket to inspect the food. A mouth-watering supper is prepared in front of you.

360° Heated Air Circulation

The Xiaomi Air Fryer’s 360° hot air circulation and 1600W heating output allow for a quicker temperature rise and equally distributed heat. Effective cooking eliminates the need for oil by locking in the juice and nutrients and extracting the fat from the food. Healthy, low-fat meals that you can enjoy.

OLED Display

With simply a twist and a push, you can effortlessly modify the cooking temperature and duration, and you’ll receive a prompt when it’s time to shake the food. The Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer Pro provides 11 pre-programmed settings, one-click smart cooking, and information and custom display support for apps. We’ll assist you in keeping a list of the foods you enjoy.

Voice Control

The Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer Pro with Google Assistant compatibility is necessary. There are specific languages and countries where Google Assistant is not accessible.

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